Singer/Producer/ Engineer/Songwriter

DorshaePro Was Born and raised in Chesapeake, Virginia. Dorshae started making music at the age of 10 yrs old when she learned how to play the Violin and Piano. Music was apart of Dorshae at a young age growing up it was something fun and became natural which she learned she was good at.
Dorshae Studied music media at NSU and had to Drop out due to pregnancy with her son. She became a young single mother of her son which has been diagnosed with autism, which drives her ambition to become the greatest at her craft.
Her influencers growing up was Zapp and Roger, Michael Jackson, Prince, and Anybody from the state or Virginia. Dorshae Is Very passionate about her music and you can feel it as you listen. Shes bringing real music back which the music industry needs. Being multi-talented in music is always a plus and a force to be reckoned with! She has worked with some of Virginia’s best artist like Young Money Yawn, Iamkeynotes ,Jaye David, Frank Lou,  Alondo Jackson and much more! Dorshae always says “No matter what happens, keep going & keep pushing, don’t stop being the best you can be.” With this Mindset she is definitely on her way in becoming the best in the Game.