Amani Ta’Naa  (born August 6 ) in Richmond Virginia is an American singer-songwriter. Amani Ta’Naa has reached much success starting off with a modeling contract with Sears at just 6 months old. At the age of 5 Amani Ta’Naa , her sister and Mom Moved to Her Mothers hometown of Saint Louis Mo. She considers Saint Louis, Missouri her hometown.

She began writing music from the age of 5. Crediting her parents for her writing abilities due to both always writing poems, songs and being musically influential. Not to mention she grew up always surrounded by music from her great-grandmother, to her grandmother, and to her mother all singing.
As a child she would sing, dance,perform, write music and model.

Amani Ta’Naa was 9 years old when she  was awarded the title of State Finalist representing the state of Missouri in the National American Miss Pageant. More recently she has broke out as the “Midwest Princess” at the age of 16 due to her credits of being the CEO of her own company “Amani Ta’Naa Corporation”. Writing, Producing, and Singing her own songs, This young CEO has proven to be more than a triple threat.

She is underneath QueenAEntertainment ,Managed by Momager, Queen A herself. She’s the oldest of two Daughters and credits her Mom for “being so much more than a Manager”. “She literally does Everything for my Sister and I while maintaining a Full time career in Law”. She truly is an Inspirational SuperMom”.

Amani Ta’Naa is currently working on several projects and is excited to release her first EP soon. Follow and support her journey to success on all social media platforms.