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A Partner Toward Achieving Your Music Goals

Mr. Brandon “Big B” Carter defines the dedication and hard work needed to contend in today’s trendsetting music industry and has devoted his career to helping others in accomplishing their dreams. With over 10 years of experience, Mr. Carter has worked alongside many of the industry's elite, including Cash Money Records and Grand Hustle Records to name a few.

He has established thriving professional relations throughout the industry and continues to strengthen his network. Starting as an intern for both Jive Records and Warner Bros., Mr. Carter has gone on to hold positions at some of the industry's powerhouses, including RCA Records as well as Universal Music Group. Added to his list of accumulated skills is a Music Business Bachelor’s and Entertainment Business Master’s from the industry’s leading institute Full Sail University.

From branding to marketing, to management and everything else in between, Mr. Carter has established himself as one of the music industry's next trendsetting executives to come. A definite mention, as one of the next wave of music professionals, Mr. Carter currently holds A& R positions, with Warner Music Group as well as BMG Publishing. Brandon “Big B” Carter continues to strive forward and broaden both his skills and network through a variety of ventures, including CEO of Xclusive Management LLC, founded in 2009.

A team player, Mr. Carter continues to partner and expand his services with a diverse group of like-minded others and has several up in coming projects in developmental stages. Mr. Carter’s strive to provide professional services, as well as his passion for music continues to serve as fuel for his success. A proven leader and team player capable of getting the job done, Brandon “Big B” Carter will continue to excel as one of today’s trendsetting music industry executives.